Irma Thomas

social clubs, deacon john and tennis court parking

Jan 23, 2014 | Leave a comment

toyota.blogThis Nissan SUV is parked next to the side of the former Valencia Social Club in New Orleans, a country club of sorts for rich teenagers from nearby schools to hang out. Last November its well-loved director, Jay Molony died in New Orleans. During his time at Valencia he hired a lot of local acts like Deacon John & The Ivories and Irma Thomas to play the teen dances. The club fell on hard times and eventually shut down in the late 80’s. Now the building is home to the Children’s Clothing Exchange. In the shot below you can see that the clothing racks on the dance floor and the stage curtains visible in the rear.


Looks like the club’s tennis court is now doubling as a parking space for a Camaro and an odd boat or two.valenciaaerial

Check out this mini-doc on Deacon John. Listen in at 2:11 when he rises into “Many Rivers To Cross” by Jimmy Cliff. 

Also here’s a clip of Irma on American Bandstand…