24 hour party people, horses for courses and boxy design

May 1, 2012| Leave a comment

Continuing with our Swedish design theme, here we have the classic, boxy Volvo 4-door sedan. Most times this model doesn’t strike a chord with me but for some reason this one in this particular setting has deemed itself worthy. Perhaps it’s because it’s parked on the street that was once home to a favorite person of mine or maybe it’s the way the spray can markings on the street and the diamond-shaped tiles have your eyes darting about. No matter. The fact is that it works for me and the rest if horses for courses. That last bit reminds me of the Beatles manager George Epstein. Wait..no…Brian Martin. No that’s not right either. It’s George Martin. It was George Martin, their producer and Brian Epstein, their manager which leads me to this last bit which is the trailer for the excellent film about the Manchester music scene in all its post-punk, Brit Pop glory.

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